11th May 2021

The Mergetb Portal is offline until May 25th for an upgrade

DCompTB Testbed Planned Outage

DCOMP Community,

Beginning on May 11 2021, the DCOMP testbed will be upgraded as part of a Merge 1.0software update in conjunction with a major DETER machine room reconfiguration and upgrade. Significant portions of the DETER testbed will be converted to run Merge 1.0 in support of several other programs. DCompTB will be off-line during the upgrade. We expect that DCompTB will be off-line for as long as two weeks, 5/11-5/25. There will be some user facing changes with Merge1.0. We are working on documentation to facilitate updating existing topology models as well as navigating the updated web and command line interfaces. We will pos tthis documentation as soon as it becomes available.